chester linkin park photo pit concert

My First Time In The Photo Pit, Linkin Park, San Diego, September 2012

In Meanderings by Liana Lozada

You never forget your first time in the photo pit. The piercing fans. The booming speakers. The proximity to unbounded energy.

I was a novice at everything back in 2012. I had a new camera and small writing gigs covering music and nightlife. I somehow wrangled my way into the photo pit for the Honda Civic Tour’s San Diego stop back in September 2012. Linkin Park was the headliner.

I’ve put the camera down in recent years, but not the music. In the last two months, I’ve timed my jump rope sessions to “Faint.” That musical connection may seem insignificant, but that song was my push, my grind-it-out song.  I was also one of those people who was “eh” about their new music: I carry some guilt with that, especially now,  re-listening to lyrics that were likely hinting that something bigger and darker was brewing.

Shooting this tour was one of the moments that literally changed the projection of my career, my life–all that. Chester was magnetic.

I’m thankful for the energy he gave. I’m thankful that I got to experience it, especially knowing so many others won’t anymore. RIP, Chester Bennington.

chester linkin park photo pit concert

linkin park photo pit concert


front row fans linkin park

chester linkin park photo pit concert