Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2016 - Swim BBQ VIP- Hannah Davis

Hannah Davis, Mara Hoffman, and Pooja Kharbanda Talk Travel and Style at Miami Swim Week

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The who’s who of Miami’s annual Swim Week share their favorite vacation destinations and travel tips.

HANNAH DAVIS, Sports Illustrated Model

On her favorite hotel in Miami: “I usually stay at the Fontainebleau or The W. The one thing I really like about The W is it has a small pool and [it is] a smaller hotel. But the Fontainebleau has everything you need right there; you never have to leave. And you have beach access, which is nice.”

On why she loves Miami: “I’m from the Virgin Island, St. Thomas, so anytime there is an opportunity to come to Miami I take it because I feel a little closer to home. I’m a beach girl. I love that all these hotels are right on the water, making it easy to enjoy the ocean.”

POOJA KHARBANDA, Designer of 6 Shore Road

On how does travel plays in her collections: “Travel is huge. I was born in India, and I grew up in Hong Kong and Panama. I lived in Florida and then I moved to New York. My dad was a huge advocate of traveling.”

On her favorite place to wear a bikini: “Panama, because I grew up there. In the city I really like the relaxed, rooftop pools.”


On travel essentials: “A good sarong, a scarf piece. I have a few kikoys from Africa that are just those big cotton scarves, and I live in them; I use them as scarves, turbans, and skirts. I also wrap my kid in them – that’s a big one.

On where her family stayed in Guatemala: “We were in Antigua, which was unbelievable. And then visited the market in Chichicastenango. We stayed at this cool hotel called the Filadelfia Coffee Resort and Spa, about 10 minutes from Antigua; out of the hustle and bustle of Antigua…”


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