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Hitting Pause

In Lifestyle, Meanderings by Liana Lozada

Hit Pause—it’s been a reoccurring theme for me over the last few months. When anxiety bubbled up, when I got overwhelmed with huge life decisions, when I was going to measure myself in anyway or through anyone other than myself, I had to hit pause. I had to remind myself these responses in my mind and body were not me—they …

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15 Things I Learned as a First-Time Coachella Camper

In Lifestyle, Meanderings, Travel by Liana Lozada

Broke, ambitious, and adventurous, my friend and I decided to pitch a tent and camp onsite for our first Coachella experience in 2014. This was no glamping exercise, nor was it what all those style bloggers had us believing it would be. Instead, we battled a sandstorm and raging temperatures like a bunch of newbies. A few camping logistics have …